A Classroom Perspective

A sampling of school-related video production work created at Trinity Episcopal School, Austin, TX (2010-present) and Trevor Day School, NY (2001-2010):

Spotlight on Specials (2013)

Where Do Good Ideas Come From? (2014)

An Hour of Code (2013)

Working with grades 6-12: Video Arts, Media Literacy, TV Journalism (2001-2010, Trevor Day School, NY):

Excerpts from Trinity Voices Showcase, celebrating Computer Programming, Flash Animation, Technical Theater, and Fine Arts (Trinity Episcopal School, 2015):




From Trinity Episcopal School’s “T Magazine”:
Discovering Time: Nurturing Hybrid Minds by Rooting Technology in The Natural World (2013)
Connecting Ideas to Build the World We Want to Live In (2015)

From Trevor Day School, circa 2001-2010:
The New “High Tech” (2006) pdf
Meaningful Change (2008) pdf